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The business of immigration, proof of intention, Budget 2017, PAYE changes and simplification


Provisional tax improvements, Perils of PPOA, targeted marketing activities, taxation of insurance receipts 


Trust reforms, importance of good bookkeeping, income derived from professional services, tax planning before 1 April 2017


Is your business cyber safe?, how do we treat feasibility expenditure, employee share schemes, IRD ruling


Winter blues tips, witnessing history, winding up a company, Labour's housing policy, FBT reminder


Changes to how SMEs pay tax, Holiday pay mishaps, Compulsory zero-rating of land, gross carelessness, review of foreign trusts


Employer provided carparks, changes to the IRD's administration system, structuring your business affairs, student loans - sharing with Australia


GST on foreign supplies, chanegs to closely held company rules, doing your own diligence, further cuts to ACC levies


What is the cost of your fixed term debt, the impact of "dairy", Land - themes of change, Trusts and shareholder continuity


Modernising New Zealand's tax system, holding a parent company liable for the debts of it's subsidiary, new tax bill, health and safety reform


Review of finance function, tax deductions, valuing diversity, attribution of personal services, International tax evasion


Reduced Financial Reporting requirements, tax payments - when received on time, tax residency


Capital gains tax, 2014 budget, motor vehicle expenses, Debt v equity


GST on / off food, managing working capital, tax residency


Planning ahead, deferring your income tax for tax purposes, year end chores, new tax bill - allowances & reimbursements


Mixing business with pleasure, Grouping companies for GST purposes, personal guarantees


2013 Budget, changes to Financial Reporting for SME's, interest deductions


Future tax changes, Damage to reputation, Tax minimisation, Revision of Trust Law, FBT on carparks


Mixed use assets, tax treatment of employee allowances, how much to charge, tax statistics, how do your employees spend their day?


Business survey reveals adaptation to be the new norm, property developer wins GST case, tax update



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